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Jurni More: Stay curious, never stop seeking.

AboutThe Jurni Newsletter

AboutThe Jurni Newsletter

Why We Exist

Social media newsfeed fatigue? Boring commutes? We’ve got you covered!

In a world with too much information, The Jurni feeds you bite-sized pieces in an easily digestible and enjoyable format.

Sparking creativity into your day, The Jurni inspires you to think differently, encouraging you to explore out of your comfort zone.

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From travel insights to cultural excursions, world music to workplace productivity, our range of topics is far-reaching and tailored to the inquisitive Indian mind.

The Jurni Reader

The quintessential Jurni reader is part of the dynamic Indian audience with a global mindset.

We have a little something for everyone - whether you’re an armchair wanderer or a world traveler.

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