What do you get?

Upon successful completion of The Jurni Campus Ambassador Program, you will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Outstanding Campus Ambassadors who go above and beyond what is necessary during the program will receive a Letter of Recommendation that recognises your contribution from our founder at The Jurni HQ in London.

If you’re a wizard at what you do, you may even be considered for leading your City Chapter and could potentially have a full-time position at The Jurni!

As part of The Jurni Campus Ambassador program, you can attend a virtual session on career guidance, application guidance, or interview preparation given by recruitment specialists from world-class organisations.

You can also connect with Campus Ambassadors in your city and around the country by attending our fun meet-ups and get exclusive members-only access.

Enhance your skills:

  • - Community Marketing
  • - Time Management
  • - Communications
  • - Project Management
  • - Problem-solving

How do I apply?

Fill the application form and we will contact you soon HERE

Some Other Things That Will Help Your Application (Hint, Hint!)

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